Centrally located within 40 minutes from University of Georgia and Clemson, the Bowers House Writers Retreat and Literary Center is a grand historic home in a small northeast Georgia town that has gained new life as a place of peace and solitude for working writers and literary functions. Constructed in the early 1920s as a hotel and restored in 1997, There are five private rooms and the house can accommodate up to twelve overnight guests. Generally there are one or two writers in residence, however, there are certain opportunities to use the property exclusively, and several workshops or readings occur monthly at the facility, many open to the local community.

Currently maintained by writer Laura Bowers Foreman and Charlie Read, the house was transformed into a writer’s retreat in 2005. Soon after its opening, Foreman joined forces with Stephen Corey, editor of The Georgia Review, to host a broad range of literary activities at the house including conferences, workshops and readings. Ellen Bowers Davenport, Manager and Treasurer of The Bowers House, can be reached during business hours at 706-498-6970 to take your reservations and greet you when you arrive.

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