Tapping the Creative for Health and Healing weekend retreat.

Twenty-five women gathered recently at the Bowers House for the Tapping the Creative for Health and Healing weekend retreat.  Led by three facilitators, small groups gathered to write or paint on the upstairs veranda or wander around the beautiful grounds.  Author Sara Baker’s guided participants to “approach the reality of who you are in all your brokenness and begin to make marks on paper … (and) your own true self will show up.”  Fitness Trainer Lisa Knighton mentored participants as they learned to combine guided movement with meditation and focused writing prompts.  Artist Sarah Pattison ushered participants into the discovery that play and creativity can open the door to the healing of mind, body and spirit.


One participant responded to the event with this comment:  “the presenters left me wanting more, this group of women bonded with each other, the doors to healing were flung open! …The house is magnificent, so very welcoming.”  Another commented, “I arrived, open to whatever was to unfold and was amazed with everything about the weekend.  (It was) a very peaceful setting, full of positive energy. I look forward to my next visit!”


Ellen Bowers Davenport , Bowers House Director and Sandra Scott, Bowers House Writing Facilitator are planning future events.  Keep an eye on our website and visit our Facebook page, The Bowers House Writers Retreat to see this historic house as it established itself as the Creative Retreat Center for Northeast Georgia.

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