The Bowers House Writers’ Guild Meets Monthly

The Bowers House Writers Guild is helmed by the direction of Charles Prier, who for the last 15 years has led monthly meetings and personally coached and mentored Guild members in their writing efforts. At meetings and on an individual basis Charles provides members instruction and members share skills, offer kindly criticism, supply information on markets, contests, conferences and other areas of interest, but most of all, Charles inspires and encourages his fellow writers.

The Bowers House Writers Guild members’ work forces a range of genres: local and personal history, personal memoir, adult and juvenile poetry, book reviews, journalism, newspaper and magazine articles, short stories, essays, how-to books, fiction and non-fiction. The Guild provides members the opportunity to meet writers with similar interests, to meet together, to become good friends or to enjoy the company of friendly acquaintances. At the end of each year, members invite family, friends and the community to the house to do a reading of their best work and encourage membership and support for guild activity. Ellen Bowers Davenport, program manager at The Bowers House, accepts requests and proposals for guest readings and cooperative guild and co-sponsored events.

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