Nestled in the historical district of a sleepy north Georgia town, The Bowers House Writers Retreat and Literary Center affords visiting writers a rare commodity — the tranquility and space to work and create. 

Ellen Bowers Davenport, Manager and Queen of The Bowers House, can be reached during business hours at 404-358-3678 to take your reservations and greet you when you arrive. For retreat booking call Charlie Read at 954-888-8948. The Bowers House is reopening with precautions in 2022 and accepting applications for creative residencies and reservations for this 100 year old stately home with crappy internet and good vibes. Welcome!

The Bowers House is a private membership facility and retreat and event organizers who wish to rent the facility must make application by calling Charlie Read at 954-888-8948, where members are assigned a creative ambassador to help them plan their retreat or event at The Bowers House.

The Bowers House conducts several music, film and creative and fine arts events and retreats each year, as well as promoting the work of its ambassadors. As a Resident or Retreat Organizer you will coordinate with one of these ambassadors for rental terms and accommodation. Members are expected provide an end result or in progress learning experience for creative accomplishments made during your stay. This might include or involve a video interview, a public or private concert, reading, production, performance, usually video recorded on site. Materials are provided to the artist for promotional use as well.