VOX POP ATL Dorjan Williams produces Bowers Hour

Bowers Hour programming is helmed by The Bowers House Writers’ Retreat Firewater Creative’s Charlie Read and VOX POP ATL’s Dorjan Williams, with audio by Jonny Hibbert (Hibtone Records). Bowers Hour records and produces music, literary and dramatic productions to preserve the accomplishments and creative works of members and retreats and residencies we sponsor or host. The Ambassadors of the house take application for residency and artist lodging and event requests and execute the interviewing and video capture of the end results of a creative endeavor via a reading, public performance of film, concert or gallery/round table for broadcast expansion of our efforts. We anticipate programming to begin in 2023.

Music Ambassadors Jonny Hibbert and Marving Jackson
The Ambassadors of the house Jonny Hibbert and Marvin Jackson

Bowers Hour and the facility behind it provide serious workspace and residency to artists young and old, and in this process, produce programming that educates and encourages young and aspiring creatives and writers to experience the joy of art and literature via ‘BowersHour’. We rely on corporate assistance, donations and proceeds from our art galley,  and ultimately after production, these Bowers Hour Productions we hope to one will provide underserved, minority and multicultural artists who might not have this experience otherwise, that being the mission of The Bowers House.