Charles Prier’s ‘Writers Guild’ September Retreat

Developing Fictional Characters
September 22, 2022 through September 25, 2022
at The Bowers House Writers Retreat

$750 includes lodging meals and tour( $600 reserved before Aug 25)

Application: Charles Prier
(706) 246-9421 or (706) 436-9632

The Writers Guild at The Bowers House September Retreat focuses providing experienced writers featuring an intensive three-day workshop on creating memorable characters. The essential phrase “know your character backwards and forwards” encapsulates the focus of this three-day workshop. Charles Prier, Retreat Director and Fiction Writing Ambassador of The Bowers House leads this event beginning with an evening orientation, social and snacks Thursday September 22, 2022. Six prolific writers will participate in an intensive workshop on Friday and Saturday and will be treated to meals locally prepared and inspired, in a 100-year-old historic registry railroad hotel, followed by an assigned writing exercise. A brief history and town tour of Canon and the local meadery owned by a Bowers cousin happens Saturday afternoon, and a certification and wrap up Sunday brunch bring farewell recognition Sunday.

A retreat for experienced writers featuring an intensive workshop on creating memorable characters led by Charles Prier, Retreat Director and Program Manager at The Bowers House

I The fundamentals of character invention
II Building Characters
III Reader/Character relationships
IV Character-to-character relationships

An Overview of the Retreat Plot, theme, setting, point of view, dialogue, and pacing are important craft elements used to construct a story. These affect and, more importantly, are affected by the competency of characters. The comprehensive development of memorable characters brings together all these elements fine-tuned to deliver outstanding stories. Through craft study, guided group discussions, partnered exercises formulating fictional characters, coaching, and critiques, the planned colloquium will provide the participants with the knowledge and practice to significantly improve their writing skills. Discussions topics include:

Begin with the Character
Character Properties Flaws and Habits
Character Motivation
Character Arcs
You Are Not Your Character
Basing Your Characters on Real People
Characters as metaphors
Exploiting Cultural Influence in Character Development

A retreat for experienced writers featuring
an intensive workshop on creating
memorable characters led by Charles Prier,
Retreat Director and Program Manager
at The Bowers House

Developing Fictional Characters This quarterly Writers Guild Workshop Retreat is helmed by the direction of Charles Prier, who for the last 12 years has led monthly meetings and personally coached and mentored retreat participants and Writers Guild members in their writing efforts, many from beginners to published authors. At meetings and on an individual basis Charles provides individual and group instruction and members share skills, offer kindly criticism and supply information on markets, contests, and conferences. Charles edits and publishes his own work and that of other writers. Most of all, Charles inspires and encourages with matter of fact, easy to understand instruction and advice on a peer level. Our next Writers Guild at The Bowers House retreat this winter will be customized for the beginning fiction writer, with the implementation of a barter residency program with individual coaching by Charles.

Letter from The New Family Custodian

From the Family Custodian: 

From birth, I crawled the halls of this home owned by my Great Uncle, Melvin Chapman Bowers (Uncle Chap), whose grandfather Job II, an abolitionist and religious pacifist and publisher, laid out the town where the old hotel lies, after renaming it from West Bowersville to Canon, GA. I played in the fertile hills surrounding The Bowers House in the county founded by my 7th great grandfather, Job Bowers The First, who was a Revolutionary War hero killed by The Tories while on leave for the birth of his only son. I gazed in wonder at the stain glass window images installed by Uncle Chap’s father who brought The Universalist Church to Georgia where it is still active 125 years later. 

I am proud that both of my mother’s parents were born in these parts, and grateful to my Bowers relatives and friends who helped me get started as the new family Custodian of this paint chipped, sprawling homestead. My cousins, Ellen Bowers Davenport (a native of Canon) and Phebe Bowers Armas, assist in running the lodging and retreat operations. My loving partner, Dorjan Williams, is The Bowers House Program Director also executive producer of ‘Bowers Hour’ episodic broadcasts featuring the work product and creative output of our residents via their musical concerts, art workshops, literary guild activities and readings and documentation of resident artists’ retreats and activity.

As 2022 rolls in we are facing and discovering necessary health precautions, crucial restoration and funding opportunities, university and professional sponsorship affiliations. We are restoring the historic registry commercial buildings on our city block and expanding our reach and scope and enhanced exposure via programming through ‘Bowers Hour’ and expanding community involved entertainment, enlightenment and activities. The Bowers House offers retreat directors, arts organization and artist/writer residents lodging and peaceful solace to work and focus their creativity. History buffs and curiosity seekers can rent rooms or the entire home when available. Our mission is to offer residencies and encouragement to multicultural/ minority/ underserved writers and creatives via sponsorships and donation supported by visiting guest stays and established retreat and lodging/event rentals. 

Several key creative Ambassadors including Jonathan Hibbert and Marvin Jackson and Roumena Georgeiva (music), Mary Anne Mitchell (photography), Kim Shockley Karelson and Linda Mitchell (fine arts painting) and Max Woo (dance), and many other supporting Ambassadors listed herein, can help you customize your retreat, overnight workshop, artist residencies and lodging requests. 

We appreciate your contribution to our mission by staying at and supporting The Bowers House. We try to ensure your optimized retreat or lodging experience and are prepared and adaptable in setup for your group’s area of interest. Please call me at 954-888-8948 to arrange your stay at

THE BOWERS HOUSE 100 Depot Street Box 74, Canon, Georgia 30520.



We feature and promote the works of Writers Guild Members whose presence in the house at monthly meetings and readings and events fulfills our mission. We are grateful to them and Guild Director, Charles Prier for his dedication for over a decade.

Linda H. Dye: Linda is a life-long resident of Elberton, Georgia. Linda says, “I have a rich full life. My interests are varied and I am always eager to try something new and exciting, meet a new person, travel to an unfamiliar place. My family and my church have been my focus over the years, but I am a voracious reader, a flower gardener, a three mile a day walker, a watercolor painter, a Fun Club traveler, an OLLI member and, some people say, a good cook. Writing is completely new to me. It is an adventure in progress.”

BLURB: Linda H. Dye is a wife, mother, and friend. Living her entire life in a small rural town in Georgia has yielded the opportunity for up close and personal relationships with an assortment of interesting people and situations. Linda writes with the knowledge, experience, and understanding of life well lived. Her keen observations and an active imagination result in stories that evoke a delightful array of smiles, laughter, and nostalgia, with perhaps a speck of melancholy thrown in for good measure. Included in this book are forty-seven fun to read entries so entertaining you are likely to find it difficult to read just one.


Publication Date
Nov 4, 2020
All Rights Reserved – Standard Copyright License
By (author): Linda H. Dye, Edited by: Charles Prier

About Know-It-All Publications

I either wrote, edited, contributed to or assisted in publishing the books presented here. These are Independently published, Print On Demand editions offered for sale through Lulu Press Inc. If you have written or are writing a book, you would like to publish independently, I may be able to help you. You can contact me at:
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

Paige Prier Art Gallery Show at The Bowers House

Display of work by Paige Prier Art

The Bowers Hours episode featuring Bleace and Kolorful Media is also the opening of our second inaugural visual artist and Bowers House Ambassador, Paige Prier, ( whose work replaces and sends to the upstairs hallways our first Bowers House Art Gallery spotlight artist, Faye Behar Mitchell. The artwork that covers the walls of the old hotel building interiors is available for purchase, often including a stay at The Bowers house or other perks, and we consider guest purchases of these works another form or fundraising and sponsorship support of the facility and our mission. 5PM-7PM gallery.

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Sharing Stories of Our Worlds Bowers House Guild Anthology 2016

Sharing Stories of Our Worlds

ByCharles Prier

An Anthology by the Bowers House Writers Guild 2015. This edition features 31 entries consisting of original Short Stories, Essays and Poems of Award Winning quality. All are currently unpublished elsewhere but you may see many of them published again in the future in other publications. A delightful read and a thoughtful gift for a busy friend.

Writers Guild atThe Bowers House Authors 2016 Anthology
Writers Guild atThe Bowers House Authors 2016 Anthology

Writers Guild at The Bowers House is helmed by the direction of Charles Prier, who for the last 12 years has led monthly meetings and personally coached and mentored Guild members in their writing efforts. At meetings and on an individual basis Charles provides members instruction and members share skills, offer kindly criticism, supply information on markets, contests, conferences and other areas of interest, but most of all, Charles inspires and encourages his fellow writers. The Bowers House Writers Guild members’ work encompasses a range of genres: local and personal history, personal memoir, adult and juvenile poetry, book reviews, journalism, newspaper and magazine articles, short stories, essays, how-to books, fiction and non-fiction. The Guild provides members the opportunity to meet writers with similar interests, to meet together, to become


good friends or to enjoy the company of friendly acquaintances. At the end of each year, members invite family, friends and the community to the house to do a reading of their best work and encourage membership and support for guild activity. Ellen Bowers Davenport, program manager at The Bowers House, accepts requests and proposals for guest readings and cooperative guild and co-sponsored events.


Publication Date
Feb 3, 2016
BUS Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)


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Feb 17, 2016

An enjoyable opportunity to explore both the inner and outer worlds created by a diverse group of writers.
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Feb 16, 2016

Interesting and quick reads to carry in your purse for those spare reading moments.
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