The Bowers House Art Gallery Tour

The Bowers House Art Gallery houses the previous artist on the upstairs as well as featuring collectibles and antiques.

The Bowers House common areas lend themselves to a featured artist every quarter. While there is no tract lighting and expansive layout for a typical gallery, We select artists who have either resided or contributed to the facility or volunteered their expertise and do our best to display the work in its best light, not overshadowing but complimenting the historic nature of the interior. Our Fine Arts Ambassadors, as we call them, will one day display there work in the home, following in the footsteps of Faye Behar Mitchell, Paige Prier, Mary Anne Mitchell, Linda Mitchell, and Barry Lamon. 

While the gallery has recently gone online where you can review and purchase featured work, we offer appointment only gallery visits including a tour of the home for $10 per person contribution. This includes the upstairs gallery, which includes various resident artists’ work, and a selection of antiques and small collectibles is on display. Call 954-888-8948 to schedule. The Bowers House and its adjacent commercial building at 100 Depot Street on the town square are both on the National Historic Registry or Historic Places. Also a block away are three historic churches side by side, a rarity indeed.