Bowers Hour Productions and Performances

BOWERS HOUR is a series of entertainment, educational and arts/music programming that documents the creative output of artist residents and retreats taking place at The Bowers House in Canon, Georgia.

BOWERS HOUR has approximately eight productions under its belt, and another six slated for our first year, since we expanded from a strictly Writers’ Retreat facility and format. These include four music centered concerts, two theatrical/dance related productions, as well as introductory episodes featuring the history of the family and historic registry hotel and buildings, and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Canon founded by the father of the original Bowers owner of the property, all the way to it’s current fourth generation family custodians, Charlie Read and Phebe Bowers Armas, along with Program Director, Read’s life partner, Dorjan Williams. It is our belief that the episodes we produce of life and activity and creative output at The Bowers House will allow in perpetuity the funding for future generations to sleep, reside, regenerate, create and thrive here and multiply our reach exponentially.

The Bowers House a center of perpetual artist housing and encouragement, in an attempt to provide residency to individuals and groups who might not otherwise be able to be exposed or to afford the facility. BOWERS HOUR programming and the sponsorships and donations we solicit and guest lodgers help accomplish this goal.

The Trilby Brothers

PICTURED ABOVE: During their three day songwriting and rehearsal workshop at The Bowers House, The Trilby Brothers’ harmonica player Vince Alexander told us the tale the band’s evolution:  “Barry Lamon and I started playing a few venues in 2017 and we were trying to come up with a name for our new little duo… Barry’s girlfriend Fi suggested ”Trilby” from the hats we wore. The name stuck, and Barry and I became The Trilby Brothers…I knew when I met Barry for the very first time, with his unique song writing skills and guitar playing, that we could make some things happen with a duo…He knew I came from a bluesy jazzy harmonica background, which lent a nice contrast to the sound of the material, and we felt we could expand the project with the help of some friends.”  We found those friends with Larry Grasso on bass in 2018, and the new guy Henry Brent on drums at the start of 2020.  The rest as they say, is history…”

Based in Atlanta, The Trilby Brothers play a blend of original songs and cover tunes a la Trilby, appearing at private parties and local venues such as Tin Roof Cantina, Dixie Tavern, Napoleon’s, Bluetop and many more through the Atlanta metro area. As residents and retreat participants are expected to do, The Tribly Brothers allowed Bowers Hour to video and audio record a live performance of all original music to use for promotional and fundraising purposes as an episode of programming.