The Bowers House Writers Retreat hosted a slew of writers for years until 2021, when the new family custodian added music, fine art, theatre and new media retreat opportunities at the facility. Each songwriter, jam session weekend, group instruction or concert preparation/rehearsal retreat contributes to Bowers Hour, episodic musical and education arts programming during their stay. So far these retreat artists include The Trilby Brothers of Atlanta, Jonathan Hibbert and Marvin Jacskson, both Atlanta songwriters,  and Jesssica Fowler and The McCluskey Music Family, both of Lavonia. We are scheduled to produce three more Bowers Hour Music Episodes this year, which will air in 2023.

Bands, music groups and instructors hold overnight and weeklong retreats and workshops for around or up to 10 persons, and many conduct extended rehearsals or songwriting and recording projects. here, and musicians rent our facility for their own productions to select audiences up to 40.

The Bowers House recording studio and film crew may be brought into your music retreat on customized contract to help you produce a production of your event or concert highlights.

Resident Writers will not be in residence during a music retreat.

If you would like to be a featured artists on Bowers Hour, contact Program Director, Dorjan Williams at 954-888-8948.