Charles Prier, Director of The Bowers House Writers’ Guild

Writers Guild Director Charles Prier

A number of our Guild members are published writers. Some are self-published, others have materials accepted by publication houses; however, all of our writers are people who write because they want to. Not all of us want to become famous or even want to be published. We just want to express ourselves and become better writers. Published or not, experienced or just beginning, we have the pleasure of being encouraged to write because we love to do it, and we learn to write better through the instruction, encouragement and suggestions we receive each time we get together.

Paige Prier and Jessica Prier Fowler with grandfather, Charles Prier, 12 year Director of The Bowers House Writers’ Guild


Our meetings are held the Second Wednesday each month from 1 to 3 pm The Bower House Writers’ Retreat 100 Depot St. Canon, GA. At meetings, a member or a special guest leads a discussion concerning some aspect of the writer’s craft, members exchange ideas, have the opportunity to read from their works and can ask for constructive suggestions. The Guild Website,, provides a repository for easy access to meeting schedules, agendas, handouts, special announcements and Writer’s Craft study materials.The site was established and is maintained primarily for the convenience of Guild members; however, others may find it useful and are welcome to use it for personal study for improving writing skills.

The Bowers House Writers Guild provides members the opportunity to meet writers with similar interests, to conjugate writing exercises, to become good friends or to enjoy the company of friendly acquaintances. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in learning to write and membership is $25 annually.




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