Karol Molina/Ryan Lannom are Bleace Kolorful at Retreat

Bleace and Kolorful

Welcome to BOWERS HOUR, a series of entertainment, educational and arts/music programming that documents the creative output of artist residents and retreats taking place at The Bowers House in Canon, Georgia. This episode features a focus of the multimedia arts and talents of BLEACE (Ryan Lannom) and Kolorful Designs (Karol Molina) during their retreat at the facility during May 22-27 2022 with a live performance for BOWERS HOUR on May 24th in coordination with other artists including Paige Prier, a fine arts painter and her sister, Jess Fowler, a local singer songwriter who owns and runs Peachy Paws in Lavonia. Both women are grandchildren of The Bowers House Writers Guild Director, Charles Prier, whose members also participate in short readings of their current literary works. The varied arts and disciplines featured in this episode and retreat are representative of the new blood and creative studies we need to enhance our goal of making The Bowers House a center of perpetual artist housing and encouragement, in an attempt to provide residency to individuals and groups who might not otherwise be able to be exposed or to afford the facility. BOWERS HOUR programming and the sponsorships and donations we solicit and guest lodgers help accomplish this goal. BLEACE is not only the name of the creative enterprise that produces content management, design, clothing, and film/video creative services, but is the brainchild of author/director Ryan Lannom, who reads from his book series. His partner Karol Molina, who heads up an arts and photography/NFT consultancy, will give a brief talk on her creative processes and content management tips.


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